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Health and Safety Plan:


Although exposure to Covid cannot be 100% eliminated, this plan is how we will try and limit exposure to keep staff and students safe.


We will take the following steps to limit exposure to both our campers and staff:


·         A limited number of children will be allowed to attend each session of our programs

·         Each of our program sessions is limited and not full day (60, 90 minutes or 3 hours at most depending on the program                            selected)

·         Our facility, equipment and materials will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each session

·         Children will be required to stay home if they or anyone living with them is ill or they have come into contact with anyone                        known to be ill.

·         Safe health practices will be taught and enforced

·         Handwashing and disinfecting stations will be available and will be required upon entrance and throughout the day


Our programs will continue to be fun and educational while maintaining the health and safety of everyone. We will conduct our activities both inside and outside, with a staff of experienced and certified educators, as we maintain a small size for each of our sessions. 


We look forward to a great year! 


Please contact us at (609) 277-3996 for more information.

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